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Helping you leverage your strategy to grow your infrastructure business in Africa

Using innovation to create shared value

Building and growing sustainable infrastructure businesses in Africa, with a focus on private development of integrated solutions in energy/water/agri-food/waste management.

6th Wave Africa co-develops business growth solutions with clients by harnessing innovation to build on the client’s own strategy to create value in the infrastructure space. 

6th Wave Africa’s founder, Linsey Dyer, an infrastructure business development professional with nearly 30 years’ experience in Southern Africa, brings a wealth of perspective, extensive network, proven success and a holistic approach to finding and developing such solutions. 6th Wave Africa’s capability extends to infrastructure development, including economic (energy, transport, water and Information & Communications Technology (ICT)) and social (housing, education and health) infrastructure, with a particular focus on integrated energy solutions.

What differentiates 6th Wave Africa? We are driven by our clients’ own strategies for growth. 6th Wave Africa’s approach to each mandate is derived from our client’s distinct value creation approach, providing an independent perspective on business growth and sustainability. Understanding our client’s value creation approach unlocks our ability to identify where we can bring innovation to enhance it. To develop a fresh view, we ask questions - and listen intently to the answers.

How does 6th Wave Africa work? We apply capability from our global network of technical, financial, information technology (IT), commercial (procurement and contracting), sustainability and governance experts to assemble a bespoke team focused on creating value in line with the client’s own strategy to create value for its stakeholders. We formalise our commercial arrangements with our clients in terms of that value creation, which allows us and our clients flexibility in contracting and remuneration models.

Who are 6th Wave Africa’s typical clients? They include infrastructure asset owners, private infrastructure developers, engineering firms and technology providers on a non-exclusive basis. Where do we operate? 6th Wave Africa’s current focus areas include Zambia, Namibia and Botswana.

What technologies does 6th Wave Africa promote? 6th Wave Africa is technology agnostic (we have no license agreements which would force us to build a solution around a specific technology), although we do have access to proprietary green state-of-the-art technologies that enhance the solutions offered.

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Address: PO Box 11 Paulshof, Sandton Gauteng 2056 South Africa

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